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What is the Sonemic Project?

Sonemic is a project to update and improve Rate Your Music, one of the largest and most comprehensive music databases and communities online. It was originally planned as a separate site, but in November 2020 we decided to upgrade Rate Your Music itself, one feature at a time, so that our users could immediately benefit from each new feature as it was completed. That work is currently in progress; many features are completed and available today. When the remaining features are finished and launched, RYM will essentially be Sonemic and the project will be complete. Following the completion of the Sonemic project, we plan to continually improve the site further by adding new features and APIs.

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Sonemic project progress

The following is a list of features planned for the Sonemic project. The items checked in blue are already available today on rateyourmusic.com. When all items are completed, the Sonemic project is considered complete.

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